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Emergency lockouts don't always happen in business hours. We know that. That's why we are your local 24/7 emergency locksmith service that operates right here in Litchfield. We will be here to help you get in to or to secure your property at 2am or any other odd and awkward time.

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It is a truly awful feeling to find that you have been burgled. One thing that can help you feel safe again is to hire us to secure your home with new, high security locks on all your doors and windows. We come even in the middle of the night so you and your family can go back to sleep knowing that your home is secure against another break-in.

Need to secure your commercial property or office after damage or a break-in?

Finding your business or office has been broken into at night is one of the worst feelings in the world. We will help you:

We won't leave until we are satisfied that your building is professionally secure again. No matter what time of the day or night or the type of weather, we will have someone on-site to get your business or office secured as soon as possible.

You Local 24/7 Locksmith Team

Looking to upgrade or change your locks on your new house or home?

You've just purchased a new home (Congratulations!) and one of the most sensible things you can do now is to change the locks and upgrade the security of your new home. We can secure every entry point (including the garage) with a whole new set of high-quality locks so that your new home will be safe and secure.

Lost your key and need to get into your own house?

Got locked out? So frustrating! This is one of our specialities and we have a no-damage way of opening a door so that you can gain entry to your own home again. If necessary, we can fit a new lock so you can stay safe in your own home.

Want to secure your garage or safe?

The garage is a weak point in a home and burglars often gain entry to an otherwise secure home via this entrance. We can come and put in locks that make your garage unassailable to the average opportunistic thief but still as user-friendly as your family needs.

Get us in to have a look at the type and placement of your safe while we are there and let's make it a place you can rely on for the safekeeping of your most valuable possessions.

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The best thing you can do for yourself in an emergency situation is to have our phone number in your phone BEFORE you need it! Then as soon as you have a situation that needs a locksmith in a hurry, you can simply hit 'dial' and before you know it, we are on our way, any time of the day or night, in rain, hail or shine.

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We provide fast, professional reliable locksmith services 24/7 for vehicle lockouts, residential home lockouts and business locksmith needs.
Our technicians are licensed and insured and stand by our workmanship 100%.
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